April 25, 2007

spring illusion -
on the bare dogwood
white blossoms

April 12, 2007

supermarket -
still shivering, i stare and stare
at the watermelons
only the flashing red
on the water tower -

the snow keeps on falling

April 10, 2007

today's mail
flies out of the mailbox -
a blue butterfly!
chinese market -
a child is counting
the frogs in the tank
a dilemma -
on the shortcut path
spring wildflowers

April 9, 2007

summer rain -
under my umbrella
a mosquito seeks refuge

below the cemetery
a row of silent people
waiting in their cars

monday morning -
as i rush out the door
my newborn starts to smile

April 8, 2007

melancholy day -
driving back, eyes scan the road
for the squirrel
another birthday -
i watch a snowman
slowly melt

April 6, 2007

into the pond
jumps old Basho -
a frog croaks